Envirorisk Management Pte. Ltd. provides a range of products and services to assist clients with bioremediating contaminated land and water, improving energy efficiency, and minimising waste.

Envirorisk Management evolved from an asset maintenance company where effective management of environmental and safety hazards to protect people and minimise impact on the environment was imperative. As a result of this experience, Envirorisk Management investigated alternative products and we have broadened our services portfolio to provide industry with solutions to help meet environmental performance obligations and to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.

Envirorisk Management is a socially responsible company with investments in specific products and technology. Our results will be excellent given the holistic approach we take in planning and executing projects to address all stakeholder requirements. Our objective is to achieve high standards of environmental performance and management, and we offer a range of environmentally friendly products to help industry reduce their impact on the environment. We intend for our customer’s reputation and bottom line to be beneficiaries of our environmentally friendly solutions.