Bio Air Gas Phase Air Cleaning

Envirorisk Management holds the international distribution rights to Bio Air’s Gas Phase Air Cleaning – GPAC technology.

Invented in Australia, GPAC is breakthrough technology designed to remove over 90% of odour and pollutants, resulting in optimum indoor air quality.

The GPAC unit is ducted into the air conditioning system to draw out air that is returning from the occupied space to the air conditioning unit. The GPAC unit strips the air of odours and gaseous contaminants by trapping them within the GPAC media reservoir. The clean air is then returned to the building’s internal spaces.

GPAC was invented by Paul Spry, who was the Chairman of the Committee that wrote the Australian Standards for Air conditioning / Ventilation. It has been invented by an industry expert to address the deficiency of definitive odour removal technology available in the market.

Current GPAC installations include the Research School of Earth Sciences at Australian National University Canberra and Family Law Court / Administration Appeals Tribunal Sydney.

GPAC is the superior alternative to traditional HVAC systems:

  • Substantial financial savings.
  • Unrivalled indoor air Quality.
  • 35% reduction on initial capital expenditure on HVAC plant size.
  • A minimum of 90.84% removal of odours and pollutants (Ref. Endorsement Graham Bell PhD,FRSN. CEO, E-NOSE PTY LTD).
  • Large energy savings retrofitting GPAC units in locations that experience extreme climates
  • Carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • GPAC can enable higher occupancy densities without requiring increased outdoor air supply

GPAC is a proven technology which has been rigorously tested. The construction of the test facilities, and the testing, was funded by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government. Testing and other information can be made available for review and discussion.