Hydrocarbon Recovery

Sludge containing high concentrations of hydrocarbons is a waste stream becoming more difficult to manage with limited disposal options and the options that are available are exceedingly expensive.  Additionally, the extraction of the finite and valuable resource needs to be managed to maximise use without further impact on the environment.

Envirorisk Management in association with Iontek provides specialist hydrocarbon recovery technology. The hydrocarbon recovery method uses cavitation (microbubbles / gasification) based technology.

The benefits of hydrocarbon recovery include:

  • Improving the value of sludge through accessing viable hydrocarbons – converting sludge to commercial grade crude.
  • Saving on disposal costs.  Given the hazardous nature of sludge, it is expensive to dispose of due to the pre-treatment required.

Clients interested in hydrocarbon recovery and its associated benefits will speak with Iontek specialists and Iontek will develop and coordinate the optimum recovery program based on the nature of the hydrocarbons.