In association with American based company Leak Detection Technologies, Envirorisk Management offer sensitive leak detection methods compatible for fuel, water, gases and a range of other products. The technology detects liquid and vapour releases, enabling waste prevention and emissions reduction. These innovative technologies use the most advanced testing available in industry to detect leaks that traditional technology might miss.

Based on our Agency Agreement, Envirorisk Management offer unique technology to provide compliance testing and leak location detection for pipelines, retail gas stations, refineries and bulk storage facilities.

Envirorisk Management do not repair leaks. We only detect and identify leaks and give you the information you need to make the repairs.

Highest level of sensitivity

Envirorisk Management offer advanced and sensitive testing enabling even the tiniest leak in a pipeline or storage tank be identified.

Largest volume of testing levels

Our technology allows us to test pipeline sections with volumes six times larger than our competitors. This is the fastest and most effective pipeline testing method on the market.

Ability to pinpoint leaks

Most compliance testing companies can simply confirm that you have a leak. We go one step further to identify exactly where the leak is occurring. This allows you to make any needed repairs quickly and with little interruption to your business.

Principal involvement on every job site

We understand the importance and sensitivity of your compliance testing. That’s why you won’t get an inexperienced technician on the job site. One of our principals is on every job site to ensure the testing is handled with the utmost care.

We provide leak detection services for:

Service Stations

We offer a number of services to help oil companies and independent service station owners to build and operate efficient, leak-resistant fuelling facilities including:

Leak Location Our leak location services can pinpoint the exact location of the leak so you can make the repair with minimal disruption to your operation.

Compliance Testing We offer compliance testing to ensure your facilities meet the required standard for your state.

New construction consulting Not only do we know how to identify leaks, we know what it takes to prevent them. We can guide you through the construction process and educate your contractor about what it takes to build more leak-resistant gas stations.

New construction testing Most contractors only offer a simple test following a new construction. We’ll conduct a more thorough test to ensure you have no leaks before your gas station is up and running.


Every minute your refinery is out of service costs your company a considerable amount of money. That’s why most refineries only go out of service once a year to run tests take care of any maintenance needs.

But what if you didn’t have to take down your refinery during testing?

It’s possible with this advanced technology.

Our testing methods allow us to test your refinery – including heat exchangers and bulk pipeline – and locate any leaks while it’s still running. This reduces the costly turnaround time by giving you an idea of what needs to be repaired before your refinery is taken down for service.


Get the most sensitive pipeline leak testing in the industry in half the time with the PHDLeak® testing method.

Bulk Storage

Need to identify and locate a leak in your bulk storage facility?

We offer Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) testing to help you identify a possible leak in your bulk storage tank and associated piping. We also offer compliance testing so you meet any required state and federal regulations.

Expansive Leak Detection Services

We offer an expansive portfolio of leak testing methods. Below are the testing methods and leak detection services we offer:
  • Enhanced Leak Detection (ELD)
  • Chemical Marker/Tracer Testing (MDleak®)
  • Environmental Leak Assessment (ELA)
  • Terminal Tank & Pipeline Testing
  • Refinery and Heat Exchanger Testing
  • Hazardous Material Containment Test
  • Underground Electrical Conduit Test
  • UST Tank Testing
  • Aboveground Pipeline Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Cleanroom Certification
  • Automatic Tank Gauge Certification
  • Secondary Containment Tests
  • Stage I and Stage II tests
  • Fuel Polishing
  • Corrosion treatment
  • AST Installation
  • AST Compliance Service
  • Litigation Experts
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic Diagnosis (PHDleak®)
  • Nuclear & Biological Containment Test
  • Leak Location and Delineation
  • Petroleum Containment Testing
  • New Construction Testing/Evaluation
  • Helium Testing
  • Acoustical Tank Testing
  • AST Tank Testing
  • Belowground Pipeline Testing
  • Remediation Testing Technology
  • Tank, Line and Leak Detector Testing
  • Shear Valve Tests
  • Cathodic Protection Tests, Repair and Installation
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
  • Bulk Plant Installation
  • SP001 Inspections
  • UST Compliance Service