Pollution Remediation Using OSE II

Contaminated land and water is a serious environmental issue that is faced by a significant number of industrial and commercial businesses.  Clean-up using traditional excavation and disposal methods can be very expensive and resource intensive.  Some traditional methods used in water may not even remove the contamination.

Envirorisk Management offers an enhanced bioremediation product and associated services to treat waste or contamination at the source.   Oil Spill Eater II™ (OSE II) speeds up the bioremediation of hydrocarbon and organic based hazardous waste, spills and contamination.  OSE II is an enzyme additive product that vigorously stimulates the growth of indigenous bacteria.  These bacteria then devour the contaminant, with the only harmless residues left being carbon dioxide and water.

Depending on the size or location of the spill or contaminated area, OSE II can be applied easily to land using a pumper-truck or fire hose, or even a pump-up hand sprayer. On water, OSE II can be applied by omni barge, helicopter, plane or any eductor system.  It can be applied in a range of weather conditions and has a broad optimum ambient temperature range of 4°C – 49°C.

OSE II is supplied in a concentrate and it is diluted using fresh or salt water to activate the process.  It has a five year shelf life if stored in a covered area at a temperature less than 39°C.

Reasons OSE II is the better alternative to traditional methods for cleaning soil, water and treating waste include:

  • Permanent removal of the contaminants from the environment without creating secondary clean up problems.
  • It is able to be used in sensitive environments as it is non-hazardous and can be applied in numerous ways preventing physical damage as a result of access to difficult to reach locations.
  • Minimal or no effect on the ecology and it does not introduce foreign species or bacteria to the site.
  • OSE II returns the environment to pre spill conditions.  There is potential to reclaim land eg. redundant service stations/fuel outlets, processing plants, pipelines and valves.
  • Growing interest in an environmentally sustainable solution for pollution in water and on land, and which does not require extensive use of human and other resources. 
  • The lack of special transport, storage and handling requirements.  OSE II is a non-hazardous product, is not a dangerous good and is 100% bio-degradable. 
  • For a fresh spill, OSE II eliminates hazard of fire and explosion during first response.  OSE II converts hydrocarbons to a non-flammable product within three minutes.

The services Envirorisk Management offers include:

  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of OSE II through controlled trials.
  • Providing OSE II in small or bulk volumes with the assurance of Australian Government registration (for marine environment) and with instructions for application.
  • Project management and on the ground project execution to apply OSE II.