Ceramic Coatings

Furnaces, boilers and other infrastructure in power generation, chemical processing and petroleum refining plants are key contributors to energy consumption, air emissions and cost associated with maintenance and upkeep.  Reduced environmental footprint, optimum performance and increased reliability for boilers and fired heaters can be achieved by the use of specialised ceramic coatings.

CMTA International supplies G2 ceramic coatings. The coatings increase the emissivity of refractory and metal surfaces in fired heaters, coal-fired boilers and furnaces.  Process efficiency and extended asset life are key cost benefits.

G2 ceramic coatings provide cost savings through:

  • Reduced energy and fuel consumption.
  • Reduced air emissions.
  • Increased production – faster and more uniform heat-ups and cool-downs.
  • Improved quality – temperature uniformity improvement.
  • Extended lifetime – components last from two to seven times longer.
  • Surface dusting eliminated and spalling reduced.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance decreased.

CMTA International’s ceramic coatings services include:

  • Supply and application of high emissivity ceramic coatings for fired furnaces and boilers across petrochemical refineries, chemical plants and thermal power plants.
  • Tube Coatings in Fired Heaters in Petrochemical Refineries & Chemical Industries.
  • High Emissivity Refractory Coatings for Bricks, Castables, Fibre Modules, Blankets in Furnaces, Boilers, Burner Blocks
  • Boiler Tube Coatings in Thermal Power Plants.
  • Abrasive blasting services.

Ceramic coatings projects are subject to extensive planning by CMTA’s ceramics specialist to estimate the potential fuel savings and production increase the coatings could  achieve.  This allows industry to determine the cost savings and approximate payback along with reduction in emissions.
CMTA’s team of specialist technicians and Project Managers will complete the preparation work and application of coatings to a high standard to ensure our customers are satisfied with the work and that the expected outcomes are delivered.