Progress Systems and Engineering

Operating costs and environmental regulations create challenges for industrial plants, and it is essential that these are effectively managed.

Progress Systems Engineering (PSE) identifies solutions to problem areas in industrial plants. PSE assess operations from an equipment level through to a complete production line. The solutions provide tangible results that can contribute to a step change in business performance.

PSE provides services for minerals, metal production, chemical, power and gas industry.

operating solutions

To help clients identify improvement opportunities and achieve targets, PSE provides:

  • Reliability & Maintenance Services
  • Process Consulting and Engineering Support

Reliability & Maintenance Services

Equipment performance in addition to process parameters influence the performance of a plant. For an excellent performance, plant equipment and systems must be reliable and properly maintained. PSE provides a range of techniques and has a wealth of expertise to enhance reliability and maintenance of plants.

To reduce the maintenance cost and improve reliability PSE:

  • Analyse and evaluate equipment/systems performance and determine the root cause(s) of the problems or defects
  • Develop procedures for elimination of defects, chronic problems and endemic failures
  • Develop/improve maintenance programs or procedures for plants equipment and systems which are subjected to different deterioration, damage and failure mechanisms

PSE works with plant maintenance/reliability and technical teams to deliver results for an excellent performance.

Process Consulting and Engineering Support

PSE works with the plant operations team to improve and optimise production processes. This approach efficiently identifies opportunities for improvement without major capital investments.

Some of the PSE services in this area include:

  • Operating Conditions Review (feed material and other inputs, process chemistry, thermodynamics, energy and material balance, yield, emissions, fouling, etc.)
  • Process Effects and Impact Definition
  • Maximum Revenue Scenario Development
  • Process Specific Troubleshooting
  • Process Monitoring
  • Process Integrity and Operational Safety Upgrade
  • Process modification proposal
  • Due Diligence (Low or No Cost Process Improvement Identification)
  • Technical Feasibility Study for Process Modification and new processes

Environmental Solutions

PSE Environmental Solutions assist plants to identify and develop solutions to reduce emissions and energy consumption giving consideration to optimum performance with respect to feed material usage and process efficiency.

Carbon Management

There is increasing pressure to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from plants using carbonaceous materials.

PSE provide Carbon Management Services to help plants develop a plan(s) to identify opportunities for optimisation of carbon usage and complying with legislations, while remaining competitive.